New Construction, Remodeling And Home Rebuilding In Sonoma County

Scott Clower, the driving force behind Clower & Associates has over 32 years of experience building custom homes, remodeling existing homes and creating stunning cabinetry. Scott moved to Kenwood in the San Francisco North Bay in 2005 and continues to use his extensive experience and creativity on local homes in the region.

When the wildfires of October 2017 struck our community, Clower & Associates stood ready to help existing clients as well as others that lost everything by providing our expertise to help homeowners rebuild their homes as well as their lost furniture and fixtures, both inside and outside of their residence.

Clower & Associates
believes in establishing a high level of trust between ourselves and our clients. Our most important consideration when working with a homeowner is to make sure to educate them about what to expect in their residential construction project so there is no miscommunication between us.

We provide the necessary expertise to build or rebuild your home from the foundation to the roof.

Our goal is 100% satisfaction.

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