Custom & Modular Cabinetry Designed, Manufactured & Installed Locally

Cabinetry designed, manufactured and installed by Clower & Associates are available in both custom creations and modular styles.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are made specific to the design called out by the project plans. Our custom cabinetry is made by us at our shop in the town of Windsor in Sonoma County using the highest quality products.

Combining the experience of our craftsmen with the quality of the raw materials we use, our custom cabinets meet the highest possible standards that homeowners can be proud of in their kitchen, bath or other area of their home.

Modular Cabinets

We also create modular cabinets that are of equal quality to our custom cabinets but have a lower price point as they are pre-made for a specific purpose, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Modular cabinets are sometimes referred to as semi-custom cabinets.

Modular cabinets are not always the best choice as they are limited in the various sizes that are available at any point in time. Our modular cabinets can be further customized by our selection of cabinet doors that we keep in stock.

Our goal is 100% satisfaction.

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