Clower and Associates has established themselves as one of the most innovative General Contractor's and Cabinet Maker's in the North Bay. Clower and Associates combine's its architectural background with a profound wisdom for General Contracting. We represent our clients with a simple guiding principle...... that the mission of a service company must indeed be SERVICE.

In collaboration with our clients, we share our knowledge of the construction industry, expertise in architecture and design to analyze our clients' needs. We help develop a strategy and direction to archive the desired outcome the customer has set forth.

When client's ask us to assist them with their building/remodeling needs, we approach the task much like an architect would. In collaboration with our clients, we bring to bear our knowledge of the market, understanding of structures and housing types, planning and organizational skills, our talent and creativity to analyze the clients' needs, develop a strategy, and lay out a path to accomplish the end result, a successful and a virtual painless process we call home improvement.

Whether it's traditional or contemporary, if you are designing, building or remodeling a custom home or commercial project that requires quality Custom Cabinetry, with and eye for design and customer attention, Clower and Associates is right for you.

Scott Clower

Our Story

The founder and owner, Scott Clower originates from the East Coast where he started his woodworking career working on historical restoration work in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Scott moved to the Los Angeles area in 1985 and started his own company. Because of his background and design capabilities, he quickly began building cabinetry for celebrities and high end homes alike, from Los Angeles to San Diego.

In 2004, Scott purchased a home near Kenwood and in May 2005, after finishing his remaining work in Los Angeles, moved his manufacturing facility to Windsor, California. 

Today, Clower and Associates has established themselves as one of the most innovative General Contractor's/Cabinet Maker's in the North Bay.

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